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NetwiseCRM helps organizations to effectively manage their customer relationships and marketing campaigns. NetwiseCRM is a customizable, easy-to-implement, user friendly CRM solution that increases sales by identifying cross-sales opportunities and engendering customer loyalty. In addition, NetwiseCRM tracks marketing and sales communications of geographically distributed multi-office organizations, evaluates performance levels of sales teams and measures the ROI of campaigns and promotions based on customer segmentation. NetwiseCRM also offers an optional messaging module to enhance coordination of teams, improve business processes and increase the efficiency of human resources deployment.

NetwiseCRM is an online collaboration platform developed to provide a high return on investment (ROI) by helping your company reach the right group of customers with your marketing campaigns and promotions. The system can be customized as per your business needs, particular to your company and/or your sector. NetwiseCRM can also be further enhanced by incorporating additional, feature-rich modules.

Features and Benefits

Campaign Management

Marketing campaigns are defined to NetwiseCRM in terms of beginning and end dates, explanations and rules, particular products and promotions, participating offices or similar data fields which can be specified by authorized users. The system generates reports on campaign generated sales, and campaign success can be statistically measured. All campaign communications with the customers and/or prospects can be tracked.


NetwiseCRM offers advanced yet user-friendly functionality to run e-mail campaigns. The user can either import professionally designed newsletter templates into the system, or create the template and organize the content using the Editor interface. Imported templates are archived in the system for later use.

The content of bulletins can be edited easily and enriched with links, images, or HTML sections. NetwiseCRM also allows for database connections, so it is possible to include up-to-date content relevant to each individual customer.

NetwiseCRM generates detailed reports on the campaign and delivery status (e.g. completed or in process, non-deliverable, et al.), link success (e.g. which links in the content have been clicked how many times, which clicks resulted in sales) and each click is written to the relevant customer’s communications history. Clicks can be used to gain insight into customer preferences.


NetwiseCRM consists of functions that help to design targeted campaigns and to choose the right marketing tools in accordance with customer segmentation. Customers who have the same desired characteristics as the targeted segment, be they demographic or other user-specified parameters, can be automatically called up to be included in campaigns or offered promotions.

Data Import

Updating the database is a simple task, thanks to the customizable interfaces that allow for batch data import into the system.

Data Cleansing

Duplication of customer data (i.e. re-entry of existing data) is prevented by means of filtering in terms of chosen parameters during the data entry stage. Potential duplicates are reported separately, where the user can dynamically call in additional parameters to compare to the related records.

Data Consolidation

Different records for the same customer are consolidated without data loss or duplication.

Data Management

In addition to already existing database fields (e.g. customer name, address, company and/or family information, demographic information, appointment date, comments) users can define new data types and fields to keep additional information about their customers and/or campaigns.

NetwiseCRM allows for defining lists and hierarchical data structures to manage the fields and content of customer and campaign records.

With its dynamic data management feature, NetwiseCRM has a flexible structure that can be customized by users themselves so as to meet evolving business needs over the long run.

Data Collection by Questionnaires

It is possible to create questionnaires by defining relevant data types and fields. These questionnaires can then be completed by call center or customer representatives. Once a question is defined, it can be used again in future campaigns.

Data Updating

All data in NetwiseCRM can be updated by authorized users via the user friendly interface at any time. Updates are reflected to all related records automatically.

Customer Management

All calls and correspondence with customers are logged and archived in NetwiseCRM for future reference.

Customer relationships can be tracked step-by-step in detail, including explanations and means of communications, for each customer.

Customer status updates can be automatically reported to all authorized users when a telephone call, email, personal appointment or sale is effected.

Relevant NetwiseCRM users can be automatically informed of updates to a customer’s communications status e.g. when a telephone call or e-mail correspondence is made, or an appointment or sale takes place.

Management of Name and Address Data

Name and Address data are standardized in terms of format during data entry so as to minimize the risk of erroneous data entry as well as the cost of database maintenance.

Communications Channels

Customers can be reached via email, as well as other marketing and communications channels which can be integrated with NetwiseCRM, such as call center and SMS (text messaging), in order to enable the authorized users to enter or import data flowing in from these channels.

Follow-up on Sales Team

Customer service representatives can be assigned to manage individual or corporate customer accounts.

Sales figures for account managers are recorded and saved within NetwiseCRM, enabling supervisors to evaluate sales performance levels in an instant.

NetwiseCRM allows for reassignments and new definitions, and for transferring customers from one representative to another.

Follow-up on Competitors and Opportunities

Competitor products and services, previously purchased by the customers, are automatically displayed to the relevant members of the team as cross sales opportunities.

Reminders and Alarms

It is possible to define automatic reminders within NetwiseCRM for key dates recorded in the database. For example, a customer service representative may be reminded to call his customer whose contract will expire in four weeks.

Reports and Analysis

NetwiseCRM generates reports on customer transaction history and previously purchased products, the status of each campaign and sales levels acquired by each member and/or unit of the sales organization. This provides valuable, actionable data for sales and marketing managers to evaluate ROI and optimize their sales and marketing plans.

The system can also be customized to generate any other reports that your business might need.

Personal Reports and Agenda

Once logged in, each NetwiseCRM user views his personal homepage listing the latest status of his existing and newly-assigned customers and their distribution in terms of current campaigns. Each authorized user also has a personal agenda of items visible on a daily and weekly basis.


NetwiseCRM offers a workflow based on user roles and tasks. First, campaigns are defined in the system. Customer data are imported by the administrator or Head Office, and customers are then included in the campaigns. Each campaign has a manager, who distributes the customers in groups among regions and customer service representatives. Customer representatives record their communications and appointments, enter their notes and explanations, in NetwiseCRM. Both the head office and regional offices can track sales and overall or individual status of all customers in an instant.

Messaging Module

The messaging functionality of NetwiseCRM strengthens inter- and intra-company coordination, minimizing time consumption and increasing the efficiency of human resources.

Security and Authorization

In order to simplify the administrative task of managing user rights, groups with different authorization levels are defined to the system. Each user is assigned to one of these groups to enjoy the set of rights granted to the group. The user cannot access sections or perform operations not allowed for his groups, unless his individual system rights are edited otherwise.

The operations of customer service representatives can be tracked retrospectively as all operations are logged in NetwiseCRM along with the date and hour. Customers are assigned to representatives and managers strictly within the hierarchy and structure of the organization, and employees cannot access any part of the database unless they have been granted access by the administrators.

NetwiseCRM in Use

NetwiseCRM is currently in use by Koç Allianz, one of the largest insurance providers in Turkey. Koç Allianz tracks all its marketing campaigns, conveys customer data to direct sales offices country-wide among more than 700 professionals and manages customer relationships using NetwiseCRM.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000, 2003

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