Since 1994, Netwise-Praksis has provided web development and technology solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals in Europe and the US.

Netwise-Praksis works with organizations to clearly define their business objectives and develop web and technology solutions to achieve them.

Our clients range from American internet start-ups seeking value for their VC dollars to international financial services conglomerates demanding world-class solutions for their mission critical operations.

We work with financial services and real estate companies; retailers, manufacturers and consultancies; travel-related businesses, publishers and educational institutions.

Netwise-Praksis has developed expertise in certain areas, namely:

  • E-commerce
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Human resources (HR) management
  • Portal development
  • Content management solutions (CMS)

However, even our more productized solutions we do not see as one-size-fits-all. Whether our clients are private companies or not-for-profits, publicly listed conglomerates or individual persons, government agencies or NGOs, Netwise-Praksis works to develop a custom-made web solution that meets, and typically exceeds, client objectives and expectations.

Understanding our client's business, whether it is the Istanbul Stock Exchange or an Italy-based avant-garde artist, is key to the success of Netwise-Praksis to date. We don't succeed if our clients don't succeed.

No two organizations are alike. Netwise-Praksis well understands this, and our customer-focused approach is testament to it. We approach the development of web solutions for our clients individually, while drawing upon our decade long experience. We are not a bargain basement "web mill." Netwise-Praksis does however provide its diverse range of clients value in the form of world-class web and technology solutions and a customer-focused approach, that achieves real business objectives.

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